Channel 7: WABC News

January 9, 2003

Commissioner Kelly: Layoffs Possible At NYPD

New York City's police commissioner says the NYDP could be forced to lay off officers as the city continues looking at options to turn around it's mounting budget woes. Commissioner Ray Kelly says it would difficult to make the additional three percent cut in the budget requested by Mayor Bloomberg without reducing staff.

The Bloomberg administration asked both the NYPD and FDNY to find and additional 3 percent in cuts Monday, while most other agencies were told to to reduce spending by 6 percent for fiscal year 2004.

After peaking at 40,800 officers in March 2000, the size of the police force has declined by about 3,000 since then through attrition and hiring freezes.

The department expects to lose another 800 officers to retirement by the end of his fiscal year. Still, Kelly said attrition alone would not cover the additional shortfall of about $94 million for 2004, making layoffs a possibility.