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August 4, 2005


NYPD Officer Killed In Iraq

(AP) A New York City police officer serving in the Army Reserve was shot and killed by a sniper while guarding prisoners at a camp in Iraq, city officials said Wednesday.

Staff Sgt. James McNaughton, 27, is the first member of the police force to be killed in action in Iraq, the department said. He died Tuesday at a place called Camp Victory, outside Baghdad.

McNaughton joined the NYPD in July 2001 and was assigned to the transit bureau. His father is a retired New York police officer and his stepmother is an officer in the transit bureau.

He was deployed to Iraq with the 306th Military Police Battalion of the 77th U.S. Army Regional Readiness Command, based at Fort Totten in Queens.

"James McNaughton made our city safe as a police officer and gave his life defending our country," Mayor Michael Bloomberg said in a written statement announcing the death.

Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said McNaughton "embodied the motto of the NYPD: Fidelis ad Mortem, faithful until death."

His family will receive full pension and benefits as if he had been killed in the line of duty and wearing his police uniform. This stems from legislation that both mayor Bloomberg and governor Pataki put in place after the 2004 death of firefighter Christian Engeldrum who was killed in Baghdad while serving with the Army National Guard.

McNaughton is one of 273 members of the police department on active duty.