The Chief

September 15, 2000


PBA Endorses Lazio and Calls Clinton Anti-Cop

By William Van Auken

Breaking ranks with most of the municipal unions, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association announced its endorsement of Rick Lazio for U.S. Senate Sept. 14.

Appearing on the City Hall steps with the Congressman from Long Island, PBA President Patrick J. Lynch praised his record on law-enforcement, issues while delivering acerbic attacks on his opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton, painting the Democratic candidate as anti-cop.

'He's Helped Us'

"We are looking to support someone who supports New York City Police Officers," said Mr. Lynch in an interview after the endorsement. "The legislation he has supported helps us do our job," he added, referring to the Republican candidate's support for the death penalty and his backing of the Brady bill.

Mr. Lynch also contrasted Mr. Lazio's opposition to the imposition of a Federal monitor over the NYPD to what he said was Ms. Clinton's backing for U.S. Government oversight.

The PBA president also recalled Ms. Clinton's reference to the "murder" of Amadou Diallo last year at a Martin Luther King day event hosted by Al Sharpton held on the eve of the Albany trial of four Street Crime Unit cops.

"Although she apologized, her statement was that New York City Police Officers were murderers," said Mr. Lynch. "We had no choice on this endorsement."

Finally, Mr. Lynch said, "Congressman Lazio, being from Suffolk County, where cops make almost twice what our officers do, supports a raise for New York City cops."

The PBA is the second major city union to back Mr. Lazio. He gained the endorsement of the Correction Officers' Benevolent Association last month.

District Council 37, the United Teachers Federation and Teamsters Local 237 have all thrown their support behind Ms. Clinton.