The Chief
April 12, 2002

For the Record

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association has heatedly disputed the claim made by the city before a Public Employment Relations Board arbitration panel that the union's warnings about a severe cop recruitment and retention crisis are not substantiated by attrition figures. The city's statistics, union officials say are not borne out by what is going on in the department. "The recruitment and retention problem is at crisis proportions, and the city is foolish to ignore it," said PBA President Pat Lynch. "There are not going to be enough cops to continue the renaissance they've talked about."

Mr. Lynch cited the attrition in the 111th Precinct, located in the Bayside, Queens neighborhood where he lives. "The precinct is slated to have 160 cops, but they only have 120," he said. While 14 rookies were sent to the precinct from the last academy class, he added, 15 veteran officers left.

"The majority of them were younger officers who left for higher-paying jobs in other jurisdictions," he said. "You multiply that throughout the city and you have a crisis that is large and has to be fixed."