The Chief
January 28, 2005

Honor Heroism, Humanity

PBA Cites 29 As ‘Finest’

The Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association recently presented “Finest of the Finest” awards to 37 Police Officers and two Sergeants for heroic or humanitarian service.

The Sergeants and 24 of the Police Officers were honored for the valor and bravery they showed in apprehending armed suspects, sometimes involving an exchange of gunfire, while risking their lives.

Off-Duty Action

Three other cops were recognized for bravery and ingenuity for, while off duty, apprehending two suspects after one of them flashed a phony police shield while they robbed another man.

Two Police Officers got PBA awards for rescuing four children from a burning building; two others were cited for safeguarding by-standers following a helicopter crash on the roof of a Brooklyn building, and four more earned recognition with the rescue of three persons in the Atlantic Ocean after their boat sank.

Two of the cops rescued a 13-month-old boy who was chocking to death after swallowing a Lego toy, and the final winner donated a kidney to a 37-year-old Nurse whom she did not know.

During the presentation ceremonies at the Water Club on the East Side of Manhattan, PBA President Patrick J. Lynch noted that the awards are particularly valued by the recipients because they are decided on by their peers.

The Winners

The award winners and their commands:

Police Officers William Kivlehen, John Baumeister and Sean O’Connell, Patrol Borough Bronx/ Anti-Crime Unit; Officers Stephen Zupic, Joseph Picciotta and Joel Rios, 41 st Precinct; Officers Joseph A. Dennis and Charles Hollis, 23 rd Precinct; Officers Brandon Pedrosa and Hector Natal, 33 rd Precinct; Police Officer Maribeth Diaz, Midtown South; Officer Marie Frawley, Legal Bureau; Officers Daniel F. Ulsaner and Ashley Ashton, 120 th Precinct; Officers Joselito Chaparro and Russell L. John, 81 st Precinct; Officers David S. Pralgo and Kevin P. Phelan, 75 th Precinct; Officers Brian D. Brown and Richard Banks, 70 th Precinct; Officers William Schub, William Klein, Brendan Galligan, Francis Vitale and Michael Egan, Aviation Unit; Officer Margaret Zaffarese, 115 th Precinct; Officers Gilbert Altreche, Mark J. Cooper and Gregory S. Damato, 115 th Precinct; Officers Michael Hance and Michael Ward, 105 th Precinct; Officer Sean Abrams, Highway 3; Officer Heriberto Crespo and Sgt. Daniel Munzo, Transit Bronx Task Force; Officer Marko Mibailovich, Transit District 2; and Officer John McSweeney and Sgt. Patrick Devlin of Patrol Service Area 9 in tandem with Officers Wayne Kendall and William Scheffler of the 114 th Precinct.