The Chief
September 30, 2005

Letter to the Editor

Wasn’t PBA’s Choice

To the Editor:

The Chief continues to repeat the city’s propaganda about the PBA arbitration (Sept. 23 editorial). I didn’t make clear, as The Chief suggests, that I was willing to sell out the unborn; our position was quite clear that no concessions should be granted at any level given gross wage disparities between the NYPD and surrounding jurisdictions.

After the neutral arbitrator had unequivocally decided to reduce the salary and benefits of new hires, the PBA sought to limit the impact of the arbitrator’s decision on new hires.

Those are the facts, no matter how many times The Chief, members of the city’s amen corner, and others with worse motives attempt to exculpate the city from responsibility for pushing the arbitrator into these draconian cuts for the unborn.

Patrick J. Lynch

President, Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association