November 5, 2010

Timoshenko Killers Plead Not Guilty In Queens Shooting

Patrick J. Lynch: "Never let them out."    
PATRICK j. LYNCH: “Never let them out.”  

Nearly two years after they were sentenced in the murder of Police Officer Russel Timoshenko, Dexter Bostic and Robert Ellis pleaded not guilty Oct. 27 to charges of shooting a man in the leg with the same .45-caliber pistol used one day later on Officer Timoshenko.

Patrick J. Lynch, president of the Patrolman's Benevolent Association, was one of the many cops who packed the Queens courtroom in a show of support for the murdered officer. "We're here today to make sure these two maggots never walk the streets of this city again," he said.

'No Remorse'

Officer Timoshenko's mother, Tatyana Timoshenko, said, "I don't see any remorse on their faces. They're just smiling." She said the new charges indicate her son's murder "was not an isolated incident."

Mr. Bostic was sentenced to life without parole in the murder of Mr. Timoshenko, 23. Mr. Ellis was acquitted of murder but sentenced to 15 years on weapons-possession charges. A third defendant, Lee Woods, was sentenced to life plus 40 years.

Officer Timoshenko was killed and his partner, Herman Yan, was wounded in Brooklyn in 2007 when they pulled over a stolen BMW with the three men in it. The men opened fire on the officers.

In the Oct. 27 case, prosecutors said Mr. Bostic, 38, and Mr. Ellis, 37, robbed Carl Field, 20. Mr. Bostic shot Mr. Field in the leg on a street corner, shattering his left femur, then held a gun to his head while taking $1,800 in cash and a chain, authorities said.