November 6, 2012


PBA Offices Battered By Water and Wind; Aiding Cops by Phone


PATRICK J. LYNCH: Unhappy with double-checking.     

PATRICK J. LYNCH: ‘Contact your delegates.’


Among those made homeless by Hurricane Sandy is the Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association.

PBA Headquarters is at 125 Broad St. in Manhattan, a modern building that offers terrific views of Brooklyn, Manhattan and the water from many of its windows. But the building, which is half a block from the FDR Drive, is located in a flood zone, and it was closed last week along with many of its neighbors.

‘Significant Damage’

The building “sustained significant water and wind damage from the storm surge and heavy winds last night,” said an announcement posted on the PBA website Oct. 30, the day after the storm hit.

“Power and phone service is completely inoperable and we do not know when services will be restored,” PBA President Patrick J. Lynch said in the announcement. “We are informed that Con Edison and Verizon representatives will have to wait for flood waters to recede before workers can even begin to assess the damage.”

PBA spokesman Al O’Leary said over the weekend that there was still no firm estimate of when the building will be usable. “We expected it would take two weeks to get us back in, but that was the day after the storm,” he said.

“Everybody’s working on cell phones,” he said. “The critical work is being done by the trustees, and they work in the field.” He said they can reach borough delegates, Mr. Lynch and other officers on their cells.

Will Use Emergency No.

“Our first order of business will be to establish an alternative emergency telephone number for members, which we will make available on this website as soon as it is established,” Mr. Lynch said in the website announcement. No number was posted as of Nov. 6 when this newspaper went to press.

“In the meantime, members should contact their delegates and delegates should contact their borough trustees regarding any PBA-related issues. As always, we will strive to answer your questions and respond to your needs as promptly as possible.”

In addition, Mr. O’Leary said, “we’re scrambling to find some office space.”