London Daily Mail
February 28, 2013

Cop killer slapped with 45-year sentence in death of NYPD veteran after his brave daughters face murderer in court

  • Daughters of NYPD officer Peter Figoski fight back tears as they read imact statements in court

  • Figoski's killer, Lamont Pride, sentenced to 45 years to life in the final chapter of the December 2011 murder

  • Pride convicted of second-degree murder, manslaughter, and burglary - but not aggravated murder


The man who gunned down a NYPD officer in cold blood has been sentenced to at least 45 years in prison - a punishment handed down after the officer's daughters gave emotional statements in court.

NYPD detective Peter Figoski was shot dead by Lamont Pride in the Brooklyn neighborhood of East New York in December 2011 during a botched robbery attempt.

Pride was slapped with 45 years-to life sentence after he was convicted of second-degree murder, manslaughter, and burglary in Brooklyn Supreme Court earlier this month.

He was acquitted of aggravated murder, which means Pride will be eligible for parole.

The sentencing came after Figoski's daughters fought back tears as they read emotional impact statements in court.

Caitlyn Figoski, 19, said: 'Lamont Pride robbed my sisters and I of having that trusted rock and confidant that we were so fortunate to have in our father. He could have chosen to slip by our father on the stairs of that basement and run away, or he could have chosen to drop the gun and surrender to police,' according to the New York Post.

She went on: 'Instead he chose to keep the gun in his hand, aim the gun at my dad’s face, and pull the trigger. A father and daughter's bond is something extremely special and will never be broken, but now we must continue to mourn his loss for the rest of our lives.'

Sister Caroline, 17, added: 'We live with the understanding that the day might come that Lamont Pride might have the opportunity to walk out of prison a free man and resume the only life he knows. 

'That is a life of crime. Please don’t give this "monster" the opportunity to rob another family and give another family the heartache and suffering that Lamont Pride has given to our family,' according to the Post.

The statements took a frustrating turn for the Figoski family the fallen officer's mother, Mary Ann Figoski, told the court in her statement that Pride will be 'missed by no one.'

At that point, Pride's brother shouted: 'He'll be missed by me!'

Outside the court, Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association president Pat Lynch were stern, telling reporters: 'This mope will never see the light of day as a free monster again.'

NYPD Commissioner Ray Kelly said: 'Forty-five years to life can’t restore Peter Figoski to his family, but hopefully it provides a measure of comfort that his killer spend the rest of his life in prison.'

During the trial, Caitlyn Figoski had to leave the courtroom at one point as the jury heard in gruesome detail how Pride allegedly shot him in the face at close range.

The New York Daily News  reported that she nearly fainted and needed assistance from her mother, Paulette, to exit; the distressed blonde did not return until opening statements were nearly over.

During his 22-year career in the force, Figoski earned 12 medals and made more than 200 arrests. 

He was posthumously promoted to detective, first-class.

Figoski's top priority was always his daughters and it was widely known he put off retirement to ensure he had enough money to put them all through college. 

His funeral drew up to 20,000 police officers, family members, and friends to the church in Long Island where the girls and their father were all baptized.

His life was cut short on a cold December night when he crossed paths with Pride, who was trying to steal from a marijuana dealer in a basement apartment in East New York.

When the gang allegedly broke in and began beating the dealer, a neighbor called 911.

Figoski and his partner were providing backup to two officers when Pride and another man tried to flee, police said.

During a struggle between his partner and one of the suspects, Figoski came face-to-face with Pride, who allegedly shot him in the face before he could draw his own weapon. 

He died in hospital hours later.