Seattle Recruits N.Y.C.'s Finest

ERIN COVEY 710 KIRO Reporter

They're called "New York City's finest" and the Seattle Police Department wants them.

A giant billboard along a major thoroughfare in Manhattan is meant to lure New York cops to come here with a promise of almost double the pay.

 "The starting salary for a New York police officer is $25,100 but the greater problem is our top pay after 5 years is only $59,000," said Patrick Lynch, President of New York's Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.

A Seattle's cops salary starts at around $47,000 and caps out around $67,000. Seattle Police Chief Gil Kerlikowske says, "Seattle is a big draw and the quality of life and the quality of the department make it an attractive place, so we've done very well."

Lynch says, "New York City police officers are the ones that brought the city back from its knees after September 11th and the reward for that is being the lowest paid police department in the entire country. We're in crisis mode in New York City."

Seattle's Police Chief says it's been successful recruiting across New England. Lynch says, "It's a smart move by the Seattle Police Department because they're going to get the best and the brightest."