January 8, 2015 Lake Placid News

NYC police union chief: City Hall unwilling to mend rift

NEW YORK (AP) — The rank-and-file New York City police officers' union leader says the mayor is unwilling to mend the rift between officers and City Hall.

Patrick Lynch told reporters Wednesday after meeting with NYPD Commissioner William Bratton that his union's problems aren't with police department leaders.

Instead, Lynch insisted Mayor Bill de Blasio (dih BLAH'-zee-oh) was to blame.

De Blasio's strained relationship with police intensified after the Dec. 20 ambush of two uniformed officers.

Police have since turned their backs to de Blasio at funerals for the slain officers to show their discontent.

They say the mayor created an environment that allowed the killings by supporting protests following high-profile deaths of unarmed black men in confrontations with white officers.

A spokesman says the mayor's committed to supporting officers and improving police-community relations.