WCAX May 15, 2015.

Cuomo sides with NYC police, fire unions on disability pay


NEW YORK (AP) - Gov. Andrew Cuomo is standing by New York City police and fire unions in a fight to increase benefits that uniformed workers will receive if they're seriously injured on the job.

Cuomo tells The Associated Press he agrees with police union boss Pat Lynch "there should be parity" in the New York Police Department should any of those officers be disabled in the line of duty.

The announcement comes after Mayor Bill de Blasio offered a proposal to change benefits that was panned by the unions.

Before 2009, police officers and firefighters injured on the job received 75 percent of their salaries. But after state law changes, they get 50 percent. The unions want it back up to 75 percent.

De Blasio says his proposal would ensure workers are protected. The unions say his proposal isn't good enough.