Fulton Post News 10 Nov 2015 | 00:20

Bratton says PBA's Pat Lynch to blame for 1% raise proposal

“He rolled the dice, and he lost on his roll of the dice. That’s quite clear,” Bratton told reporters Monday. An arbitrator recommended 1% raises for cops over two years, after the PBA opted to go to arbitration rather than settle with the city directly.

Bratton acknowledged officers are upset about the lack of raises, but said overall morale hasn’t suffered.

“I actually think the morale of the officers is pretty well,” he said. “Are they unhappy about the pay issues? They certainly are. That’s been expressed by Mr. Lynch.”

But Bratton said the NYPD has given other perks to cops to make them happier on the job, including changing the discipline system, providing new bulletproof vests, and giving out smart phones and other technology.

The department is also overhauling facilities at the 77 police precincts, and replacing bathrooms and locker rooms.

“I think we’re doing quite well in addressing morale issues,” he said. “Everything else they’ve expressed concern on, we are addressing.”

Lynch shot back that the "Mayor and Police Commissioner are confusing high-tech gadgets that improve job efficiency and safety equipment, that they are required to provide by law, with things that improve morale."

He charged that arbitrator Howard Edelman's neutrality was "coopted" by the city.

"Our members' morale is at rock bottom because nothing has been done to help them feed their families, pay their rent or put shoes on their children's feet," he said.

Source:   nydailynews