August 28, 2002

Mike raps plan for pay-hike tax

By Frank Lombardi

Mayor Bloomberg shot down a request yesterday by a City Council group for a new dedicated tax to pay for raises for cops and firefighters.

Any new taxes would first be used to eliminate a $5 billion budget deficit, he said, reacting to a letter from 20 members of the Council.

“You’re talking about way down the road before a dedicated tax would make any sense whatsoever,” Bloomberg said.

The proposal was orchestrated by City Councilman Hiram Monserrate (D-Queens), a former police officer, who said, “It is time for our city to go to the plate and bat for our …heroes.”

A draft report from a state arbitration panel would give cops and firefighters 5% raises each of the next two years, plus an additional 3½ for working 10 extra days a year.