November 30, 2002

Letters to the Editor

A Simple Issue

Criminal defense attorney Stephen J. Singer's article "Incompetence Is a Poor Excuse for Injustice" [Viewpoints, Nov. 22] overcomplicates an issue that is really very simple.

If you shoot a police officer while he or she is attempting to search or arrest you, you should stand trial, be convicted and go to prison.

In a case where a judge is deciding if speedy trial time should be charged against the defense or prosecution, the judge should err towards having the defendant appear before a jury in a trial.

In the William Hodges case, the prosecutor insists that only 38 days of the maximum 180 days should be charged against the prosecution.

Our courts should not let potential cop killers out on technicalities. Doing so does a grave disservice to police officers and puts the community at risk from a violent individual who should be in prison.

Patrick J. Lynch

Editor's Note: The writer is president of New York City Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.