New York 1 News

February 24, 2000

Jury in Amadou Diallo Trial Resumes Deliberations

The jury in the Amadou Diallo police shooting trial will begin its second day of deliberations Thursday morning in Albany. The jury is considering six charges each against the four Street Crime Unit police officers linked to fatally shooting Diallo in the Bronx in February of last year. The panel began deliberations Wednesday afternoon. Soon afterwards jurors asked to hear testimony read back from Officers Sean Carroll and Edward McMellon. The officers fired 16 shots each at the unarmed West African immigrant. The readback followed a long session of instructions from Judge Joseph Teresi. He spent more than three hours mapping out the portions of state law the jury must consider when deciding on the charges. Teresi also told the 12-member panel not to consider the punishment against the defenfants when reaching a verdict. Earlier, Judge Teresi disqualified a juror for talking about the case with a relative. Law enforcement sources tell New York 1 the juror was dismissed after the local police obtained affidavits from at least two people who overheard the conversation. Word is it happened in a very public place with a number of people listening. An alternate has stepped into that juror's seat.