New York 1 News

March 29, 2000

DorismundPBA Head Criticizes Riot Helmet Order for Dorismond Funeral

Three days after the melee that broke out at the funeral of Patrick Dorismond in Brooklyn, the head of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association charges field commanders ordered many officers not to wear their riot helmets. PBA head Pat Lynch says that's why so many police officers were hurt during the clash Saturday. Some were hit with bottles. PBA sources say the union is considering whether to go to court to restore the right for police officers to decide for themselves when and where they should put on their helmets. The New York City Police Department says it's looking into Lynch's accusation. A spokesperson says many of the injured were with the Community Affairs units, which never wears helmets. Dorismond was fatally shot by an undercover narcotics officer during a botched buy-and-bust operation in Manhattan on March 16th.