New York 1 News

July 16, 2000

Officers Transferred to 70th Precinct After Louima Case Win Lawsuit

The police officers who won a jury decision Thursday regarding transfers in the Abner Louima case are set to tell their side of the story Friday. The officers a holding a news conference at Manhattan Federal Court Friday afternoon to discuss Thursday's federal jury ruling. The panel awarded 22 officers $1.2 million. Jurors found the city discriminated against African-American officers by transferring them to the 70th Precinct in Brooklyn. The NYPD argued that was to keep the peace after Louima was beaten and tortured there. Each of the 22 officers will receive $50,000 for emotional distress. A spokeswoman for the city's Corporation Counsel called the verdict "incorrect," saying the community asked for the transfers to have more officers reflective of their area. The office also says the officers did not lose money because of the move. The city has not yet decided if it will appeal the verdict.