New York 1 News

September 7, 2000

LazioLazio Endorsed By Police Union, Makes Changes to Tax Plan

Republican Senate candidate Rick Lazio received a huge endorsement from the city's police union Thursday. The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association threw its support behind Lazio at City Hall Thursday morning. The union called the Long Island Congressman a "true friend and supporter" of New York City police officers. At the same time, the PBA criticized Lazio's Democratic opponent, Hillary Rodham Clinton, for her remarks on the officers charged in the fatal shooting of Amadou Diallo. The union also questioned the First Lady's position on a federal monitor of the NYPD, saying, "it's not hard to guess how she really feels about the issue." Lazio is against a federal monitor for the NYPD. The PBA boasts a membership of 27,000. The endorsement comes as the New York Times reports Thursday that Lazio aides admit that there are some changes in his tax cut plan that he announced two weeks ago. The aides reportedly say the the payroll tax deduction would be phased in over 10 years. The Times says the reason for that move is to lower the overall cost of the proposed tax package. The price tag has been harshly criticized by the Democrats and analysts. In addition, the tax break for social security deductions reportedly would kick in for only those in the 28 percent income tax bracket or below.