New York 1 News

May 2, 2001

Police Union Unveils Billboard In Bid For Pay Raise

PosterThe New York City police union is trying to keep its demand for a pay raise in the public spotlight with a billboard in Times Square.

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association unveiled the ad Wednesday, which shows salary differences between New York police and officers in other departments under the headline, "No Wonder NYC Can't Hire Cops."

The union says the sign is a reference to the NYPD's struggling recruitment campaign.

Negotiations between the city and the union are at a stalemate. The PBA wants a 39 percent pay hike over two years, but the Giuliani administration has offered only a 2.5 percent annual raise.

"The city has to get realistic with negotiations with the New York City PBA and offer a decent, livable wage," said union head Pat Lynch at the unveiling. "Otherwise, this city is going to go back to the state it was in the early 80's and the late 1970's, when you called for an emergency and it took hours for the police to get there."

But Mayor Rudolph Giuliani says the ad misrepresents the facts.

"The Port Authority and Nassau County do pay more. But the others completely misstate the benefits given by New York City," said the mayor Wednesday. "New York City police officers, for example, after ten years make more than police officers in Chicago and Los Angeles."

The union also has ads running on bus shelters.