New York 1 News

December 16, 2001

Christmas Party Held For Families Of Fallen Police Officers

PartyThe widows and children of the police officers who died in the World Trade Center attack were treated to a special holiday celebration Saturday at the South Street Seaport.

Mayor-elect Michael Bloomberg joined the annual party for fallen officers' families, along with police union head Pat Lynch and First Deputy Commissioner Joeseph Dunne.

"I think it's incredible, the generosity of people," said Stacey Roy, whose husband died September 11 in the line of duty. "People are being very kind in a very hard time."

Susan McCormack, another widow, said, "It's a very special event for the families of the fallen police officers of the NYPD. My two sons are now police officers, and to see my husband remembered in this way is so very important, certainly in light of 9/11. We're here as a family."

Of the 23 members of the NYPD believed lost in the September 11 attacks the bodies of only three have been recovered and identified.

The same day, meanwhile, Christmas carols filled the air at Engine 76/Ladder 22 in Manhattan Valley, with some firefighters' children in the chorus.

Firefighters said despite the tragedy of this year, the holidays are a time for cheer.

"I'm really glad to see everybody come out..the widows, the wives and children and all the brothers," said firefighter George Rodriguez. "I hope everybody has a happy holiday."

Kevin Guy of Ladder 22 said, "We remember our dead brothers, our missing brothers, but life goes on and we have to enjoy ourselves."

The caroling event was organized by Red Cross volunteers.