New York 1 News

February 6, 2002

WTC Widows Seeking Right To Bring Suit For Loved Ones

Widows of New York's bravest and finest want Governor George Pataki to guarantee some families the right to sue if their loved ones are killed in the line of duty.

They want Pataki to change a law that denies families certain legal rights if a firefighter or police officer is hurt or killed in a situation where department regulations were not followed.

Legislation to change that law was passed months ago and is now waiting for Governor Pataki's approval.

Widows and fire and police unions argue that if the city is responsible for the wrongdoing, families should be able to hold it responsible.

Pataki is still considering the measure and has until Friday to make a decision. If he doesn't act by then, it will be automatically vetoed.

The city is urging the governor to veto the bill.