New York 1 News

March 20, 2002

Female NYPD Officer Among Five Bodies Recovered At WTC


Recovery crews working at the World Trade Center site Wednesday extracted the remains of five more victims of September 11 terror attacks, including those of the only female NYPD officer killed in the attack.

Officer Moira Smith's name tag and shield were found near her remains, according to Police Commissioner Ray Kelly.

Smith had apparently been working at the 13th Precinct when the terrorist attacks took place, and went to the scene to help out. Her remains were found in the debris of the south tower.

The remains of two court officers and two Port Authority police officers were also found in the rubble. Their identities haven't been released.

Workers at the site, which now goes seven stories below ground, lined up along the ramp to the ground level as each body, draped in an American flag, was carried in a procession to a waiting ambulance.

Smith is only the second policewoman killed in the line of duty in the NYPD's history. She was married to a fellow police officer and had a two-year-old daughter.

She is one of three World Trade Center victims that the New York Waterway has honored through the renaming of three of its ferries. In addition to Smith, the other ferries are named after FDNY chaplain Mychal Judge and Port Authority executive director Austin Tobin.

After weeks of finding little but broken steel and ground debris, crews began finding more remains last week as they reached the crushed lobby and basement levels of the south tower, the first to collapse on September 11.

The remains of 22 victims have been recovered in the last week.

According to the city’s latest official tally, 2,830 people died when the twin towers collapsed. The medical examiner has identified 786 victims, 33 of them in the last week. In addition, 1,886 death certificates have been issued without a body, leaving 158 people listed as missing.