New York 1 News

May 8, 2002

PBA President Predicts Hundreds Of NYPD Officers Will Defect To Port Authority


The head of the city's largest police union is predicting hundreds of NYPD officers will soon defect to the Port Authority Police Department.

Dozen of officers have already left over the past two months for higher paying positions across the river. Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association officials used the departures as a bargaining chip in several recent mediation sessions with a state arbitrator.

Those sessions wrapped up Tuesday, and afterward, PBA President Patrick Lynch predicted more officers will leave unless the city raises the base salary for cops.

“Oft times we've been called New York's Finest, but the joke in other departments is we're New York's Poorest, which makes me very embarrassed as a police officer from New York City," said Lynch.

A state arbitrator will make a binding decision on police salary by the end of July.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg testified at the mediation talks Monday. The mayor told the panel police officers deserve a big raise, but that the city can't afford to pay.