New York 1 News

July 11, 2002

Wave Of Officers Leaves NYPD For Port Authority

The NYPD’s loss is the Port Authority's gain as dozens of police officers switch forces.

Former NYPD officers make up as many as 160 of 192 recruits entering the Port Authority’s training academy for former officers next week. In April, the first class of Port Authority police officers to graduate since September 11 included 72 former members of the NYPD.

A Port Authority spokesperson denies the agency is actively recruiting officers from the NYPD.

A spokesman for the city's police union, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, said low salaries at the NYPD are forcing officers to make the move. The union currently does not have a contract and is awaiting a decision from a state arbitration board.

The NYPD and Port Authority have nearly the same starting salaries, but after five years a Port Authority officer can earn nearly $20,000 a year more.