New York 1 News

August 2, 2002

Judge Who Ruled On Undercover Officers Takes Herself Off Case

The judge who sparked controversy after ordering undercover police officers to reveal their identities in court has taken herself off the case that started it all.

Last month, State Supreme Court Justice Dorothy Cropper tossed out testimony by three undercover officers in a routine drug bust case because they refused to disclose their names.

The move touched off a wave of criticism from police, who said the officers would be putting their lives at risk if they blew their covers.

“Armed with an officer’s true name, it would be relatively easy for anyone, including those seeking to do harm, to use the Internet or other means to track down that officer’s home address and other personal information,” Police Commissioner Ray Kelly had said.

The judge said she's taking herself off the case because she'll be on vacation when the Appellate Division is expected to rule on the controversial issue.