New York 1 News

August 17, 2002

Bloomberg Still Says No To NYPD Pay Raises

Two days after thousands of New York police officers rallied in Times Square for pay raises, Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Saturday that while he sympathizes with officers, the pay hike they want just isn't possible.

On his weekly radio show Saturday, Bloomberg said the cash-strapped city just can't afford the 23 percent raise the police union wants.

Still, Bloomberg said regardless of what he thinks, the decision about a pay increase is out of his hands.

“There is nothing the city can do about this,” he said. “The PBA went to a binding arbitration; they didn't want to negotiate with Giuliani and they certainly didn't want to negotiate with my administration. They insisted on going to a binding arbitration. They are not thrilled with what they got, but they should be reasonably happy given the fact the city has no money.”

The state arbitration panel hasn't released its decision yet but it's widely expected that they'll call for annual 5 percent raises and shorter work days.

That decision also calls for police to work 10 more days a year.