New York 1 News

November 8, 2002

Police Protest Release Of Accused Cop Killer In Queens

Dozens of police officers gathered at a Queens court Friday morning to protest a judge's decision to release man accused of killing a police officer in 1999.

Judge Laura Blackburne's released William Hodges without bail and dismissed a 13-count indictment against him.

Hodges is accused of shooting Officer David Gonzalez in Jamaica, Queens in 1999.

Blackburne called for a dismissal because she said the prosecution was too slow to present its case.

The Daily News reported Friday that Blackburne tried to ban police from appearing in court but was overruled by court administrators. She then wanted to stop officers from bringing their guns and wanted a police supervisor present.

The Office of Court Administration told the paper that officers can carry their weapons and police officials denied the request for a supervisor.

The News also said that Blackburne and Hodges’ mother are members of the same chapter of the NAACP and the PBA said the two women are friends.