New York 1 News

January 11, 2003

Mayor To NYPD: Avoid Layoffs By Doing "More With Less"


Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Friday that police could avoid the possibility of 1,500 by agreeing to "productivity enhancements."

This week, the mayor told the NYPD to cut its budget by three percent, or about $94 million, on top of $2.5 billion in cuts since last January. But on his radio show Friday, the mayor said if police "do more with less," layoffs won't be necessary.

The mayor said over the last year, the Department has proven it can do it.

“They've brought crime down dramatically with 2,000 less police officers in the last 12 months,” Bloomberg said. “They've brought it down in spite of the fact that they've had to focus on intelligence and counterterrorism, which we've never had to worry about before. Bbut we find ourselves in a situation where there just isn't the money."

But on NY1's “Inside City Hall” Friday night, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly said it would be hard to avoid layoffs, because salaries make up 95 percent of the Department's budget.

“I answered a reporter's question, and he said, ‘Reaching that $94 million target, will it be possible without layoffs?’ And I said it would be difficult, not impossible,” Kelly said. “But very, very difficult. We're scrubbing the numbers right now, as I say, and we'll be putting the proposal forward on Monday.”

Kelly and the other city agency heads will present their budget plans to Bloomberg Monday.