New York 1 News

January 17, 2003

Bloomberg: Cuts To NYPD Not Yet Needed


It looks like there will not be any layoffs in the NYPD, but the size of the force is still expected to shrink.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said Thursday that the NYPD's latest budget will keep officers from getting pink slips.

Earlier this week, Police Commissioner Ray Kelly submitted his new budget to the Mayor with another 3 percent in cuts.

Kelly had said the cuts would be difficult to achieve without layoffs. But now, the mayor says retirements and a delay in recruitment will save the Department enough money.

That still means fewer officers on the streets, and the Mayor wouldn't rule out layoffs in the future.

“My hope is that with the 3 percent that we've asked the police department to cut, just with attrition and good management, we can avoid layoffs coming out of that particular peg,” Bloomberg said. “Long term, I don't think there's any question we need productivity enhancements from our municipal workforce.”

The extra 3 percent cut the Mayor wanted accounts for $94 million of the NYPD budget.