New York 1 News

February 10, 2003

PBA Says Number Of Uniformed Officers At Lowest Level Since 1990


Despite the increased police presence around the city due to the federal government’s decision Friday to raise the nation's terror alert system to a "high" risk of attack, there are actually fewer officers on the streets than at any time in more than a decade.

The Patrolman's Benevolent Association said Monday that the number of uniformed officers in the NYPD is at its lowest level since 1990. PBA President Pat Lynch says less police on the streets causes crime hot spots to develop, and hurts the city's ability to fight terrorism.

According to the PBA, the city has lost more than 2,000 officers since 1995. That's the equivalent of 12 fully-staffed precincts.

Police Department officials say that many officers have been transferred to special intelligence and anti-terrorism squads, adding that with proper management, the NYPD can perform just as well with fewer police officers.