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May 6, 2003

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NYPD Officers To Receive Donated Gun Locks

Police officers will receive safety locks for their guns, in an effort to avoid accidents at home.

Project ChildSafe announced Tuesday that it has donated 33,000 cable locks that prevent a handgun from being fired. The donation comes after a gun accident killed an officer's 14-year-old son last month on Long Island.

The Patrolmen's Benevolent Association will distribute the locks to its members in precincts around the city.

“We're urging all our members to actively use this when they have their weapons at home around any type of child, any type of person with mental illness, or any of the issues we have to deal with as police officers,” said PBA President Pat Lynch.

“New York is setting an example for other law enforcement departments, and more importantly, consumers in the greater New York area, to take steps to prevent loaded guns from falling into the hands of a child,” said Bill Brassard of Project ChildSafe.

The gun lock kits also include a booklet on safe firearm storage.

A $50 million grant from the Department of Justice funds Project ChildSafe, an organization that raises awareness about firearms safety.