New York 1 News

May 13, 2003

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Police Union Says Officers Forced To Meet Ticket Quotas

The police union is charging Tuesday that the NYPD is forcing police officers to meet ticket quotas as a way to raise money for the cash-strapped city.

Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch says quotas are being enforced at precincts around the city, putting pressure on officers to write more tickets.

Lynch says nearly 1.2 million tickets were written between January 1 and April 21 of this year, a 6.7 percent hike over the same period last year.

The union boss also says shifting officers' attention to summonses, instead of crime, has hurt the relationship between police and New Yorkers.

City officials are disputing the charge, saying the numbers as incomplete. They admit tickets for quality of life violations are up, but say overall traffic summonses have dropped.