New York 1 News

January 9, 2004

Widow, PBA Urge Authorities Not To Parole Convicted Cop Killer

The Patrolman's Benevolent Association is vowing to fight the possible parole of two men convicted in the 1971 killing of a pair of police officers.


The president of the police union, Patrick Lynch, was joined on Tuesday by Diane Piagentini, whose husband Joseph and fellow officer Waverly Jones were ambushed after responding to a domestic violence call. The officers were each shot several times, execution style.

Herman Bell, Anthony Bottom and a third man who died in prison two years ago were convicted of the murders. They're up for parole this year.

Lynch said the union has amassed more than 5,000 signatures from New Yorkers opposed to their parole.

"We must ensure that this cold-blooded killer, who took the time to stop, after gunning these police officers, while these police officers were pleading for mercy, saying, ‘We have a family,’ to take the service revolver and strategically kill these police officers,” Lynch said. “We must never forget that. We must make sure the parole board understands that."

City Councilman Charles Barron calls Bell and Bottom "political prisoners." He said the former members of the Black Liberation Army are model inmates and pose no danger to society.