New York 1 News

August 23, 2004

Police, Fire Unions Turn To White House For Help In Contract Battle

The unions representing police and firefighters in a contract dispute with the city are looking to Washington D.C. for help.


Using the World Trade Center site as a backdrop, members from both unions announced Monday they have written a letter to George W. Bush asking for his help. Union officials say Mayor Michael Bloomberg does not respect them or the work they do, and they want the president to know about it.

“We want the president of the United States and all Republicans to know that this mayor is not taking care of the people that keep him and all others safe each and every day,” said Patrolmen’s Benevolent Association President Pat Lynch.

A White House spokesman responded to the union's letter by saying simply: “We encourage all parties to come to an agreement on this matter."

Bloomberg says despite the union’s efforts, there is nothing the White House can do to help them.

“None of it is up to the federal government,” said the mayor. “The federal government I’m sure would never have a conversation with the city over that. It would be inappropriate.”

Police and firefighters say they'll continue to follow the mayor everywhere he goes, even if that means protesting in the early morning or late at night.