New York 1 News

July 8, 2006

NYPD Contract Talks Head To Binding Arbitration


An impasse has been declared in negotiations between the city and the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg formally notified the state Friday of the stalled contract negotiations. He said the city has given the PBA an offer that would increase Police Department salaries, but that there has not been any progress in the negotiations. Now the case will go to binding arbitration.

The city has proposed increasing the starting salary from the current $25,100 to $37,800. After six months, it would go up to $40,000. And after five and a half years it would increase to a little over $63,000.

PBA President Pat Lynch said the city put its offer on the table June 28th, but declared the impasse without waiting to see the union's counteroffer.

He also said the impasse proves the city has no interest in negotiating in good faith.