New York 1 News

November 12, 2007

Police Union Won't Back Giuliani's Run For President

While former Mayor Rudolph Giuliani has been quick to champion his record of cutting crime in New York, the city's police union says it is not supporting his White House bid. A spokesman for the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association says the union could never support Giuliani. PBA President Pat Lynch goes as far as to say the former mayor lacks real credentials as a terrorism fighter.

The group's dismissal of Giuliani is not exactly a surprise. For years, the PBA battled with the mayor over salaries, saying low pay resulted in a lack of recruitment for the force. PBA members are also accusing Giuliani of re-hashing 9/11 for political gain. In response, Giuliani's camp released the following statement: "Mayor Giuliani has always had, and continues to have, strong support from law enforcement. Rudy has long supported New York's Police Department and worked together with the NYPD to cut the city's crime rate in half."