Nov. 25, 2011

Police Union Questions Resignation Of Investigator In Ticket-Fixing Scandal

The police officers' union is raising questions over the sudden resignation of the deputy in charge of investigating the alleged ticket fixing scandal.

According to a statement by the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association, Deputy Inspector John McDermott unexpectedly put in for retirement this week.

The union claims the sudden move raises questions about how the investigation has been conducted, saying, “Many have suspected that the leak of critical wire tap recordings and grand jury testimony to members of the media, which is itself a crime, may have come from the very Internal Affairs Bureau who conducted the surveillance. It is also possible that those leaks occurred in an attempt to bolster the criminal cases against our members who, until now, would only have faced departmental charges.”

The three-year investigation initially started as a probe into whether one officer had ties to a drug dealer, but it then grew into a high profile investigation.

In all, 16 officers are accused of fixing tickets as a favor to friends.

The officers pleaded not guilty.

NY1 reached out to the NYPD for comment and is awaiting a response.