New York 1

July 2, 2013

PBA Protests NYPD Reform Bills

Members of the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association are voicing their opposition to controversial bills recently passed by the City Council.

They claim their jobs will be made tougher by the legislation, which expands New Yorkers' ability to sue for alleged racial profiling and creates an inspector general for the NYPD.

The PBA is urging constituents of City Council members Daniel Garodnick and Jessica Lappin to call or email them, urging them to change their votes on the bills.

Mubarak Abdul-Jabaar, the PBA's vice president, said officers should not have to worry about the ramifications of doing their jobs.

"It takes away the officer's ability to do his job, quite simply, because now, you're saying that officers cannot use descriptions to search for perpetrators," Abdul-Jabaar said. "Also, that the officer can be sued if he is accused of profiling, and a civil suit can be filed against him."

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said he will veto the bills.

They are both expected to be brought back to the council floor for another vote when that happens.