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Updated October 15, 2015 at 12:41 AM EDT

CCRB: 29 Percent of Cases Investigated in September Ended with Evidence of Officer Misconduct

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The Civilian Complaint Review Board says it had a record-setting month of September, and that's not good news for the NYPD.

The CCRB says at 29 percent, it had the highest rate of validating claims of officer misconduct for a single month in its history.

The CCRB says access to video evidence is becoming key to investigating cases of alleged police misconduct, and it wants to see more video made available in future cases.

At its meeting Wednesday night, the board passed two non-binding resolutions involving the use of cameras by NYPD officers. One calls for the use of body cameras during home searches. The other deals with surveillance in public areas of precincts.

"These are particularly pristine situations in which video can be extremely helpful to our function as an agency in making determinations," said Richard Emery, chair of the CCRB. "And so the idea is to prioritize camera use, since it's going to be limited among officers to these situations where they're planned in advance."

In response, police union leader Pat Lynch said, "Once again the CCRB has tipped its hand as an organization hell-bent on doing nothing more than justifying its own existence by failing to highlight the 19% reduction of allegations against police officers in their press release."