New York Daily News


July 9, 2001

Manhattan: Stanley Crouch usually has an extremely level head on his shoulders so I'm surprised at the serious error he made in his July 9 column, "PBA misfires in attack on rookies." He has confused two events that occurred about a month apart: the May 29 graduation of the Police Academy class and the completion of a recruitment process that enrolled a new class July 2. I expressed serious concerns about the process that led to the latter group and not to the quality of the rookies in the graduating class. And race had nothing whatsoever to do with my criticism. The NYPD is experiencing a retention and recruitment crisis that has prompted it to rush the latest screening process in an effort to sign up enough recruits to qualify for federal funds. City Hall ignores the fact that the best recruitment poster is a satisfied veteran cop. It's easy to attract quality police officers of all ethnic backgrounds. Just pay them what they're worth.

Patrick J. Lynch PBA President