New York Daily News


October 25, 2001

Mighty ran into Mike Morris the other day.

"Hi, Mighty."

"What's up, Mike, how are things at Metro North?"

"We lost a brother, Mighty. Stephen Driscoll was a fellow employee at Metro North who left our job for the NYPD, later becoming a member of Emergency Service Unit 4. Stephen is missing after the WTC attacks."

"I just read about Stephen Driscoll in The News last Saturday, Mike, where he was remembered in a service in Carmel, N.Y. The story said Stephen was 'mayor of emergency service, who couldn't swim and was afraid of heights, but he wanted to join the ESU.' "

"That was Stephen, Mighty. Couldn't swim and afraid of heights, but he would walk up all 110 stories of the twin towers or, if he had to, swim from here to England to save a life. Our union (ACRE) is having a raffle to benefit his family."

"That's great, Mike. Gimme a few raffle tickets."

"Here you go, Mighty. If any of your readers want tickets, just call (212) 599-5856."

Mighty scratched with the Mighty Gulch entry (6th at Belmont) yesterday. Today it's Miami, Florida.

The deficit is 1105 sirignanos.