New York Daily News

February 6, 2002

PBA Sez City Bent OT Rules

Daily News Staff Writer

he estimated $11 million tab for police overtime during the just concluded World Economic Forum could rise under a grievance filed by the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association last Friday.

In a letter to his membership explaining the grievance, PBA President Patrick Lynch accused the NYPD of "unnecessary and unjustified suspension of the duty chart and other drastic measures."

Also cited in the the letter was the canceling of vacations in connection with the economic summit.

According to Lynch, the department suspended the work chart on the afternoon of Jan. 29, in violation of their contract, which provides that officers receive 24-hours notice of such changes.

Lynch noted the NYPD was aware of the security and manpower needs required for the economic conference long before Jan. 29.

"The department had plenty of time to give police officers the notice they needed to attend to child-care issues and other matters of personal concern," Lynch wrote.

"The department also could've handled coverage of the WEF without the vacation cancellations and other disruptive measures."

About 4,000 police officers were assigned to the conference, which ended Monday. The PBA official said he did not know how many of the officers did not receive the 24 hours notice.

NYPD spokesman Chief Michael Collins said officials in the labor relations department were reviewing the grievance. "We're confident we will resolve the issue."

In the grievance, the PBA wants the NYPD to pay overtime to all officers who worked outside their regularly scheduled tours without proper notice.