New York Daily News

April 17, 2002

New PBA Spokesman

Daily News Staff Writer

With the Public Employment Relations Board about to hold another round of arbitration hearings next week, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association has hired media relations veteran Al O'Leary as its communications director.

O'Leary, 51, is no stranger to the uniformed services or law enforcement. He served as spokesman for the Transit Authority police under Chief William Bratton. He has also worked for the Sanitation Department and is leaving his current position as vice president of public affairs for the Transit Authority.

In a statement, PBA President Patrick Lynch said the union reached out to O'Leary to enhance the union's ability "to disseminate critical information about the work, risks and economic difficulties" faced by New York City police officers.

"It is particularly important at this time of contract negotiations, a shrinking police force and an overall gloomy fiscal climate, for the PBA to articulate its role in providing New York City with the finest in police protection and public safety," said Lynch.

The hiring was announced just one week after the city filed a 120-page memorandum offering the same deal accepted by the Uniformed Coalition.

The PBA, which has been without a contract since July 2000, is seeking an increase of more than 21% over the same two-year period.