New York Daily News

May 16, 2003

Don't blame us for tix: PBA ad

The city's largest police union unveiled a $100,000 advertising campaign yesterday that says officers are being pressured to meet illegal ticket quotas.

In its "Don't Blame the Cop" campaign, the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association says the city is cracking down on drivers to raise cash.

"It's a revenue builder to close the city's budget gap," PBA President Patrick Lynch says in a radio ad set to air next week. "And while the city's squeezing working people, police brass are squeezing cops to write as many high-priced summonses as possible."

An officer writing a ticket is following a policy and is "just as unhappy as you, maybe more so," said the newspaper portion of the campaign.

The NYPD has denied that it uses ticket quotas or that officers face transfers and other trouble for falling short, as the union alleges. In a statement yesterday, the department said it has "productivity goals," like any other profession.

Commissioner Raymond Kelly suggested that the PBA leadership is talking about quotas to garner points in its upcoming election.

Alice McQuillan