New York Daily News

June 8, 2003

PBA chief tapped for 2nd term


Cops reelected union boss Patrick Lynch yesterday in a landslide.

Lynch received 70% of the votes to remain president of the New York City Patrolmen's Benevolent Association for a second four-year term, the union said.

"I'm pleased to have the overwhelming trust and confidence of the hardest-working and most courageous police officers in America," said Lynch, who was first elected head of the nation's largest police union in 1999.

Got cops a huge raise

Lynch defeated challenger Thomas Barnett 8,308 to 3,621 in balloting tallied by the American Arbitration Association.

Under Lynch's stewardship, the PBA broke the pattern of settling for terms similar to those negotiated with other public employee unions by taking the city to binding arbitration. Cops won a whopping 11.75% retroactive pay raise last year despite the city's cries of poverty.

Lynch's latest hardball campaign included full-page ads in the metropolitan area's major dailies, accusing the NYPD of forcing illegal ticket quotas on his union's 22,927 cops in an effort to close the city's enormous budget gap.