New York Daily News

January 23, 2005

Slain cop's family: Thug 'can't get out'

The family of a NYPD officer gunned down a quarter-century ago is reliving the horror of his death in the hopes of keeping a cop killer behind bars.

"My brother got a death sentence. We got a life sentence and this guy wants to get out?" said Edna Doyle of Queens. "No, we can't allow it."

Her brother, NYPD Officer Robert Sorrentino, was shot in the line of duty April 10, 1980, and died two weeks later.

Sorrentino was gunned down by Marvel Marble as the cop and his partner, Jack Dowd, chased four thugs wanted for pistol-whipping and robbing customers at a Far Rockaway social club.

Dowd and Sorrentino split up during the chase, and soon after Dowd heard gunfire. He found his partner on the ground, shot three times with a .357 magnum.

"He had the strength, and professionalism to describe who shot him," Dowd said yesterday.

Sorrentino's words helped send gunman Marble to prison, along with his three buddies who robbed the social club. Only one of the thugs - Russell Carroll - is still alive and is up for parole Feb. 20.

"He can't get out," Sorrentino's wife, Barbara, said.

She and other family members gave formal victim statements to the state parole board Friday in the hope commissioners will deny Carroll parole.

"After he was shot, my husband was on a ventilator. He couldn't speak, but he would hold my hand real tight, and tears would run down the sides of his face," the still-grieving widow said.

"We shouldn't have to be here today, but we will relive it all if that's what it takes to keep him in prison," she said.

Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch said the parole board needs to hear just how much families, like Sorrentino's, have suffered.

"In this case, even the court reporter was crying," Lynch said. "Not seeing his children grow up. Never meeting his grandchildren. No one can explain the impact as clearly as family can."