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He seeks parole — & a date

Cop-slayer's Web post

March 18, 2005—A convicted cop-killer is so sure he'll get out on parole that he is trolling the Internet for dates.

"He's a murdering dirt bag, and it kills me to think he might get out," said the victim's brother, Frank Keegan.

Keegan is working 24-7 to make sure Bruce Lorick spends more time in prison before he finds his lady love.

Lorick gunned down Transit Officer Joseph Keegan on June 19, 1980, after the officer ejected him from the Columbus Circle subway station for fare-beating. He was convicted of second-degree murder and sentenced to 25 years to life. Now 47, Lorick will be eligible for parole in June.

He is so optimistic that he will get parole that he placed an ad on seeking "a female between 30-57 who is unafraid of being herself and desires to be loved totally." The killer describes himself as a fine catch: "humorous, witty, romantic, loyal, a good-listener, excellent lover and true friend."

The jailbird is looking for "any Christian woman who does not consider herself a fanatic."

"I can not compete with God, but I can be a best friend or a husband with your help," Lorick boasted.

The ad makes Keegan's brother sick.

"I can still see my brother Joseph sitting in my living room. He'll always be 41 years old to me, and the man who took that all away thinks he's just going to pick up with his life," said the still-grieving brother, himself a retired NYPD cop with 23 years on the job, the last in Bronx's 43rd Precinct.

Keegan is going to speak against Lorick's release before the parole board today and present the board with a petition of more than 2,000 signatures.

Keegan comes from a law enforcement family and proudly said some 13 family members are in uniform with more than 150 years of service.

"Absent the death penalty, life imprisonment is a fitting sentence," said New York City Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President Patrick Lynch. "Lorick should never be granted parole."