New York Daily News

December 14, 2005

Finest Great Wohlberg Packs It In


He's known far and wide in the Police Department as the No-Star Chief, and that includes many brass who came up through the ranks after working with Police Officer John Wohlberg.

But the long-time fixture at Patrol Borough Bronx headquarters - and one of the longest-serving PBA delegates - is finally packing it in, reports our Bronx bureau chief, Bob Kappstatter.

Wohlberg spent his last official week at PBBX last week, and is now chewing up a pack of accumulated vacation time as he approaches the mandatory retirement age of 63.

On the job since Feb. 9, 1968, "Chief Wohlberg" has been a union delegate since 1974, as well as the "Radar O'Reilly" of Bronx Police Headquarters, the go-to guy for answers on procedural questions, the patrol guide, and who's-due-where-for-duty guy.

"You can't separate the Bronx from John Wohlberg. He is patrol borough Bronx," now-retired three-star chief of patrol and former PBBX commander John Scanlon told Kappstatter. "He was the compass who kept everybody on course - 'Who's working this holiday? Who's due in at midnight?' It's going to be a measurable loss.

"And you knew not to call him when 'Jeopardy!' was on," added Scanlon. "All the precincts were warned: you don't call Wohlberg at 7 o'clock. We'd all sit there and watch 'Jeopardy!' and if a rookie would call up, he'd get a piece of John's mind."

PBA President Pat Lynch also had high praise for Wohlberg. "His love of the job and his deep concern for his fellow officers kept him on the job all these years," Lynch told Kappstatter.

"He's the senior PBA delegate, and we'll really miss seeing his gray hair at the monthly meetings."