New York Daily News

City offers raises for new cops


May 19, 2006—Rookie cops would get a pay boost - but have to give up major time off - under a contract offer the city handed the police union yesterday.

New cops, who saw their starting salary slashed to $25,100 for the six months they are in the police academy under the last contract, would make an additional $10,000 under yesterday's proposal.

In return, new cops would lose 10 vacation days and six holidays annually until they reach maximum pay after 5-1/2 years on the job.

New cops currently get 20 vacation days and 11 holidays a year.

Current officers would receive salary increases of 3% and 3.15% for the two-year pact.

"With the [Patrolmen's Benevolent Association] basically making up horror stories about cops being forced to go on food stamps, they'd be hard pressed to explain why they would pass up a $10,000 raise for starting officers," said a City Hall official.

But the PBA bristled at the city's opening gambit in what are likely to be contentious talks.

"Prospective recruits won't be fooled and veteran cops won't be satisfied," PBA President Patrick Lynch said in a statement.